Monday, January 12, 2009

Our English Syllabus

Our English Syllabus explores the difference between education and training form Lewis' humble perspective. There is a distinct difference between the two but Lewis points out that we must have a balance of both in our lives in order to become well balanced individuals. With too much training we will become like animals who perform tasks out of habit with no thought process necessary. However, education is "a necessary evil" according to Professor P. Ribeiro. I agree with Professor Ribeiro as I have never much cared for education. It seems that I learn the most from life experiences outside the classroom but I suppose education is a necessary part of life.

One of the most important aspects of education is learning how to learn. We must learn to appreciate the subjects we do not like and attack them as dilegentlyas we would the subjects we like. Learning is a process just like anything else. It is a process that can be grasped and manipulated and used to the educated individual's advantage. Education is a powerful tool if used properly but it can have devistating results if misused. (i.e. thousands of wasted dollars and disappointed parents.)

Lewis explained that "nothing more could come out than what we had put in." This is particularly true in the society we live in today. Education is everything it seems. With out a proper degree a job search is useless. So even though school may seem a necessary evil it is important that we realize that we will only get out of it what we put in. If we work hard our efforts will be reflected in our grades and other achievements. My father always says "Are you working hard or hardly working?" I'd like to think that I am working hard to recieve a well rounded education with a broad understanding of a lot of subjects. This way I am sure to be a success in life...

But what if it's not all about the education one possesses but the growth they have experienced because of life's adventures. Who determines whether education is found in books or on the street? I suppose this is a question I will always struggle with. But in the mean time I think I will continue succeeding in school and figuring out the benefits of the schooling system and this world renowned concept called education.

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