Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Show and Tell

In class today each of us shared a little bit of how we have applied the things we have been discussing and learning in class to our personal lives. I shared a song by Phil Wickham called Desire from his album Cannons. Phil Wickham is quickly becoming one of my favorite contemporary Christian artists because his lyrics are so alive and applicable to my life. Each song tells a story and this song tells of the desire to be with Christ. From the reading, The Weight of Glory, I learned that glory should be a desire and that we should all strive to have that desire to be with Christ. One of the phrases from the reading that stuck with me is "We remain conscious of a desire which no natural happiness will satisfy." The lyrics of the song I chose for class today speak of that desire. (to hear the song go to

I'm running through the gates of love, as fast as I can
I can't wait to see You I'm a desperate man
You made the light and sent it down
To show us who You are
Now It's bursting out my heart

My desire is burning like a million stars
And I'll keep reaching out, reaching out for You
My desire, is burning with the fire You sparked
And I'll keep reaching out, reaching out for You

I'd be nothing without You, yeah I would die
If I didn't have Your hand if I couldn't look into Your eyes
Jesus if Your love's the fuel then I'm the desperate flame
That's screaming out Your name

This is glory rising, over a new horizon
I See Your love, I feel Your smile
Your in my heart and I will run with all I have to You

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