Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Sermon and the Lunch

In The Sermon and the Lunch Lewis explores the concept of 'home' and the possible hypocrisy of one preacher in his description. Pastor Vicar says in his sermon that home is the place where character is formed and where we are allowed to be ourselves. However upon dining at the Vicar's home, Lewis observes that Vicar's family is slightly less than functional. They all talk over each other and don't listen to what the others have to say. I'm not sure if this makes pastor Vicar a hypocrite because I know that my family is not perfect but my home life has formed me into the individual that I am. Without my home, my parents, friends and other influences I would not be who I am today.

In his writing Lewis says, "He [pastor Vicar] keeps on talking as if 'home' were a panacea, a magical charm which of itself was bound to produce happiness and virtue." This rings true for me, especially now after having completed a semester of college. After spending 4 months away from home, the place I had spent 14 years of my life, I was excited to go back to the familiar. I had grown accustomed to the routine of school but I missed the familiarity of home. I figured that home would not feel the same as it had 4 months prior but I was hoping that my assumption would be wrong and that home would be exactly how I had left it. Sadly home was nothing like it was 4 months ago. It no longer had it's magical charm. It did not bring endless happiness. It brought quite the opposite emotion as I realized that my family relations and friendships had changed drastically. This realization brought about a second realization that I have changed as well and that the place I had called 'home' for 14 years was no longer my home. Home is where you are. My home is here, at Calvin College. And four years from now I will chose a new home for myself.

Homes are not always functional. They are not supposed to be. They are supposed to be chaotic yet wonderful. If they were perfect we would not grow and growth is one of the most important aspects of having a home. I am building a new family here at school that I did not know existed 4 months ago. This does not mean that I am leaving my family and friends from Findlay, Ohio in the dust. It just means that as they change and grow I will change and grow as well until I've formed a whole new family to learn from here.

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